☆ ☆ ☆          Babenco and Criss Wedding Machinima            ☆ ☆ ☆





*  3 songs of your choice for Music tracks, edited and enhanced.





* Up to 4 songs of your choice.

*  5 to 8 minute Video. Edited in Adobe Premier and After Effects.

*  Posted on Youtube and Vimeo

* ALL video, with special effects and enhancements. Custom Titling and effects, credits, etc. included.




*NOTE: All videos will be put on Youtube and Vimeo and our Mediafire , so you can download the source video to you computer,  unless specifically requested otherwise.

ALL our videos are captured, edited, rendered and posted in HD quality.  Don’t accept less for your SL Wedding Memories.




If you dont find what you are looking for within these packages to make your day special. We are willing to custom a package to suit you.



Contact  Toran Babenco or colleen Criss with details of  names, date, sl time & place of wedding & reception, & what package you would prefer.