Your wedding ! It’s important to you and it is important to us as well. We want to make sure we provide you with fabulous photos and videos.


We have a list of things we want to share with you to make your day the best it can possibly be .


1. Remember Second Life is unpredictable. We will do our best, we hope that you, your guests and planners/venues will do their best as well.


2. Remember , like you … our time is precious as well and for us time is obviously money (lindens) you are paying to us to do the best photos and vids possible. No one wants to be let down. Clear cache and reboot machine before you log in for wedding.


3. We are not responsible for things that are out of our control such as , crashes, avatars unable to rez etc. If an avatar fails to rez , we will derender that avatar in order to save your special moments. Late to the wedding? It happens but unfortunately if we made the effort to be on time we will expect the wedding to start on time. Make sure your guests and bridal party are aware, have people come in early and not wait till  last-minute , stragglers stand a good chance of being de rendered . We don’t like to do this but we are being paid by a Bride and Groom to make their memory fabulous.


4. If your photographer or videographer says rebake or relog , do that …if you do not we will de render that avatar. Beacon facelights will be derendered. ALL HUDS need to be taken off, this includes flight helpers, combat HUDs, Titlers, your xcite parts need to be off as well. ANYTHING to reduce lag is a must. This day is about the bride and groom NOT the guests. Guests should take AOs off and sit as soon as they arrive.


5. Wedding venue owners should test poses and walkers with you before hand and to be sure they are working and adjusted to fit the avatars. Planners and wedding coordinators need to make sure they are on top of poseball operations and hide them so they are not in the photos and vids. Failure to do this means many things will be de rendered and this often means the avatar on the pose ball gets de rendered as well. Be sure you talk in-depth with your planners and venues.


6. Finally, bride, groom and wedding party , please check yourself, make sure you are prim perfect and well-adjusted. Clothes, hair, jewelry and flowers. Give it all a once over. Make sure when you hop on the poseball you have your AO off FIRST, if your shoes , hair etc is scripted make copies and delete scripts when you are dressing for this wonderful day!


We only get one shot at this 🙂 let’s make it the best day we can !